Error Operation could not be completed


Hello to all. Since a coipek of days we cannot start the Expert. Massage is:
Operation could not be completed
Description: Description: Method not found: ‘!! () []
System. Arrey. Empty()’.
Component: System interoperability
Method: Connect
Component: System interoperability

I would be greatful for any help. 1555920907658182363898294123249



Is the problem still occurring or has it been fixed?



Hi Vinicius, I appriciiate you taking the time to answer. Furtunately we solved the issue. Iit turned out it was a windows update, which we did not know about. We dowloaded the drivers which the Flex requested and the expert started working as well. Bad thing was we had already done a mess by this time and it took us a long time to fix things back :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks again and have a good day.