How to add identifiers?


Good day, dear members of the Lantek-forum.

Could you help to add a few identifiers to the *.CAJ file?

To make the proper reports about material movement, I need to add the identifiers of the:
Real machining time for each part
Real area of each part
Rectangular area of each part
And to make the size of the part’s draft at least twice bigger.
And, it will be great, if someone could explain, how to make the horizontal versions of the files CAJCUTIMG.CAJ and CAJPUNIMG.CAJ.
With hope to the future cooperation,



I think here you can find the answer, in this article have several explanation about CAJ reports.

In the and page you also can do download samples.

In this other topic I show (video) how to modify the CAJ file



Thank you very much. I will check your proposal.