Optional Stop in the main CNC program


Hi All,

Is it any way to put in the program an Optional Stop, I want ot change the engraving parameters after the stop in the main program, some part I want to engrave deeper - I want to add more power.



Boa Tarde

Acredito que não sera possível, pois são duas configurações diferentes, e o operador da maquina define a potencia de marcação.




Maybe yes if your machine receive a code or different parameters in the program, for the Lantek this is easy, you can apply technology different in the segment lines.


Hi Athos,

Certenly, I use the automatic technology but I want to have two differant marking on the main sheet, one regular for identification of the parts, second for deeper marking - the part will be zinc plated at the and - the regular marking is not visible after the zinc plating process, for this reason I want to regrup the parts on the main sheet and apply a deeper marking (more power).


Hello Endre,

Maybe you can use the “Stop” or the “Conditional Stop”, but your machine should be able to execute this king of command.


The post processor that create the CNC for the machine must have the function to create the M00 (stop) on the CNC (Gcode).

You can test inserting the Stop or the conditional stop to see if works.

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